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How will they believe in him whom they have not heard? So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:14,17) Many new believers and priests in the Ethiopian Coptic Church (EOC) do not own a Bible. LWGM is committed to help meet this need by raising funds to provide free resources and bibles.

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Tigrigna + Geez + KJV + ASV
+WEB. Online Tigrigna Audio
Tigrigna + Geez + AMH + KJV
ASV + WEB. Offline Tigrigna Audio
Amharic + Geez + KJV + ASV
+WEB. Online Amharic Audio
AMH + Geez + Tigrigna + KJV
ASV + WEB. Amharic Offline Audio
Tigrigna + Geez + AMH + KJV
+ASV + WEB. No Audio
Aksum Bible + Geez
Tigrigna + Geez + Amharic
Offline Tigrigna Audio, KJV, SEV
Tigrigna + Geez + Amharic
Online Tigrigna Audio, KJV, SEV
Amharic + Geez + Tigrigna
Offline Amharic Audio, KJV, SEV
Amharic + Geez + Tigrigna
Online Amharic Audio KJV, SEV
Tigrigna + KJV + WEB 
Qal Amlak on Amazon Kindle
Amharic + KJV + WEB 
Hiyaw Qal on Amazon Kindle
ትግርኛ መፅሓፍ ቅዱስ - 2015
Tigrigna Bible ~1980
ማኅበር ሓዋርያት ፍሬ ሃይማኖት
Amharic Bible - 66 Books
Amharic፡ ©Bible Society of Ethiopia, text from Geez: አኃው ማኅበር ሓዋርያት ፍሬ ሃይማኖት። Tigrigna: GeezExperiences and volunteers. Tigrigna SV: ©BSE, see version intro. WongelAdvocate is a product of the Tigrai Project's Living Word Gospel Ministry (ሕያው ቃል ወንጌል አገልግሎት).
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